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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hazouri and Couch display some outrageous double standards

The problem with our school board is they don’t have a clue

I found it very interesting that school board members Couch and Hazouri went on and on about a remark that Kriner Cash made to a colleague years ago. Mr. Cash said he jokingly told a colleague of Middle Eastern decent that he better shave his beard before he is confused for a terrorist and shot. Somehow things escalated and a letter was put in his permanent file.

First the joke isn’t that funny and second who cares.

Have our school board members never set foot in one of our middle or high schools where teachers are regularly berated by students who receive zero consequences for their behavior. They are outraged by something Mr. Cash said years ago but they are ho hum at what teachers have had to endure over the last few years as the district gutted discipline in an effort to appear to be doing better. Now they are outraged? Well shame on you Mr. Hazouri and Mrs. Couch for not caring about what teachers have had to endure under your watch.

Mr. Cash is not my favorite out of the finalists but to bring a fairly innocent moment of indiscretion that happened years ago up as a reason for possibly disqualifying him is outrageous.

Fix your house first school board before you cast stones.

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  1. Let me start by saying these thoughts are not intended to offend anyone, and if you are offended I apologize that is not the intent.

    Okay - Chris and I agree.

    I was shocked on yesterday when I heard Becki Couch and Tommy Hazouri say that they could not vote for Superintendent candidate Kriner Cash because of comments he made over 5 years ago. Couch had the audacity to say she took his statement and changed the context to Christian or Jewish and how appalled she was. Okay - let's see how that works.

    Here is the statement via the Times Union: Cash told a colleague that he needed to shave his beard because he looked like a terrorist, according to documents from the commission. The documents show that Cash went on to tell that colleague that if he did not shave his beard, he might get shot.

    So via Couch you would say:

    You need to take that cross from around your neck someone might mistake you as a Catholic and douse you with holy water.


    You need to take that hat off of your head someone might mistake it as a kippa and send you to the synagogue for prayer.

    I'm just a little lost. I don't understand how you inject any religion into this statement and get something so abhorring.

    Originally, I was also going to use these comments against Cash. But, I'm going to be honest. It was because I didn't like him at first. After the research I conducted originally - I just plain old did not like the guy. I thought he was a whole bunch of adjectives that were not nice (you can see in a previous post). However, after further research and taking the opportunity to meet and talk with him in person - ask him questions specifically about my issues - I walked away impressed. So, I want Hazouri and Couch to admit they just plain old don't like the guy for some reason or another. Because, the comments are not that outrageous nor do they look or sound like racial slurs. Let's be honest if someone says you better take that hoodie off your head someone might mistake you as a young thug and you might get shot. It's the truth. The truth is the truth and that is the society we live in. If you can't be honest with a friend and tell him/her the truth what is happening to this country. We can't be so touchy all the time.

    As a district I want us to realize that if you make every moment a teachable moment that is when you can train and develop good leaders. I believe Cash owned his mistake and learned from it. That's how you become world class on every level.