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Friday, August 17, 2012

How the school system let one Duval family down

This was a comment on a recent post- cpg

My son was a third grader this past school year. He recieved mostly A's and B's on his report card with the exception of his reading grade which was a C. He took the Fcat, failed it, and attended summer school. He then took another standardized at the end of the summer and did not make the "percentage" that he needed. He has been retained to the third grade. Since I found this out (and by the way did not find out until this past Tuesday which was 6 days before the first day of school)I have been calling and meeting with everyone I can think of to somehow overturn this decision. The only answer I have gotten thus far is "I'm so sorry, but we can't do anything about it, our hands are tied. It is not our decision, it is the state legislature." I am absolutely furious about this!! Our whole family is devastated. My son keeps saying that he is "stupid". My heart is breaking for him. No matter how much we encourage him and tell him how hard he worked in school and how well he did on his report card and how proud we are of him, he still says awful things about himself and all because of this STUPID test!!! Our son even has an IEP which, I believe, should help, if not protect him from situations like this. How can a 9 year old look at his report card from the year, see all good grades, and possibly understand why they can not go on to the next grade.

I will continue to fight for my child. I have talked to teachers, priciples, and school board members. and I will keep going up until someone tells me something other than "sorry, nothing we can do". My child struggles with reading and test taking but is very bright and should not have to deal with the burdens that come along with repeating a grade.

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