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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Connie Hall, school board district 5 seems to be avoiding the question

About why she asked the school board to withdraw the contract her for profit company was about to receive.

From the Folio:

A woman who answered the telephone at Hall’s company, Ready for Tomorrow, took a detailed message for Hall. A second message was left later the same day, but neither call was returned. Reached at the same number on Aug. 16, the woman said she had emailed Folio Weekly’s contact information to Hall but declined to provide a number for her. “Thank you very much,” she said, as she abruptly hung up. The contact number Hall gave to the Supervisor of Elections was disconnected on Aug. 15. Johnson said she didn’t have a current number for Hall and none of the schools where Ready for Tomorrow staff tutored had a telephone number for the company.

From the Times Union:

Hall did not immediately respond to a phone call Tuesday seeking comment on why she requested the withdrawal.

Don’t we deserve an answer even if it is a crappy one? After all she don’t mind taking over 350 thousand dollars form the district for ten months work.

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