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Friday, August 24, 2012

School Board chair Betty Burney says, I didn’t know.

This is what she said when it was revealed she voted for contracts that benefitted her sister. Her premise was she didn’t know sisters were close family members. I wonder if she will say the same thing when confronted with the fact she put inacurate information on her financial disclosure sheets.

School board members get paid what a first year teacher does, 37,300 and have been paid that amount for at least the last three years. Well friends this is what Mrs. Burney reported on her financial disclosure sheets as school board salary. In 2011, 32,000, in 2010, 29,031, and in 2009, 31,958, which is roughly about 18 thousand dollars less than what she received over that time period.

I am guessing that instead of being deceptive, at least in this case, we will reveal more of her financial disclosures later today, she just reported her net, not gross school board salary. Which begs the questions, once again, how didn’t she know, and why has Jacksonville entrusted its children in the hands of somebody who obviously doesn’t know much.

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