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Thursday, August 23, 2012

In Duval, what happens when crappy principals fire good teachers?

Three things might happen to the principal, nothing (see the principal at the lowest rated school in the state who is starting her sixth year), they are promoted, walk through the halls of the ivory tower down town and see what I am talking about or they are moved around like catholic priests in the sixties.

The teachers on the other hand have a black mark on their record and recently more and more are being frozen out all together, their careers in Duval effectively ended.

Are there teachers that need to be eased out of the system, sure, but too often teachers that question and want to have a semblance of a life are the ones let go, that or teachers who teach the same subject the principal’s church buddy or neighbors nephew does.

Welcome to Duval County


  1. Thank you Chris! This has been my crusade from the start. I don't know why these nutjob principals are so protected except that many of them are there due to nepotism. Then here in NJ they want to give MORE power to them? They are out-right hurting the schools and good teachers are victimized to make room for MORE connected do-nothings. No one is talking about this, though, because they too use it to place their hacks, family, and friends. It won't stop until parents decide enough is enough.

  2. Chris as I have said before I got out of teaching due to a Principal like that. I came from a good middle class elementary school where I had a High performing evaluation and merit pay to an inner city school with a principal who thought I couldn't teach. So I went from a great teacher to an Unsatisfactory one in less than 6 months ! To top it off 23 teachers at that school either quit , retired , contracts not renewed , transferred or like myself were given unsatisfactory evaluations. The principal was moved from another school due to pressure from parents as her personality didn't fit the other school. So this one wasn't a fit either as she was so out of touch with her staff it was incredible. But as we know Duval County doesn't care about its teachers.