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Monday, August 27, 2012

Teachers in Duval should protect themselves

With the board and leaderships poor track record of looking out for teacher’s interests and with the new requirement that test scores be tied to evaluations it is more important than ever that Duval County teachers protect themselves and let me suggest you do so by doing the following:

I recommend teachers SAVE all the records on the students they teach (attendance, tardy, discipline, grades, FCAT scores, etc.) That way if there is a problem you can say, so and so missed 30 days, so and so got 5 referrals and could have gotten ten more and/or how was so and so supposed to get the material when they were late 68 times. You know the things that teachers have to go through day in and day out that the administration and the evaluation tool ignore.

Then take the info home for safe storage too. In the event there are any problems with your evaluation take all this info to the union, your lawyer and whomever you have chosen to stand up for you. Lord knows the district isn’t going to do it. Teachers are nothing but numbers on a spreadsheet to the administration, that can most likely be replaced by another number that is cheaper.


  1. Welcome to the 50's and 60's.This suggestion was one used by real teachers who taught in real classrooms,back in the day. Now if you can make some other suggestions such as principles and assistant principles able to discipline thugs perhaps you could start teaching the basics again. I wonder how many students in your class is lectured to on the ridiculous things you find to complain about.
    Yes,teachers are replaceble. The products turned out in the last few decades are proof alot of you should be replaced.

  2. Are you kidding me I have been writing about a lack of discipline for years, do some research before you open your pie hole. Regardless, you couldn't do my job. Now shouldn't you be yelling at kids to get off your lawn?