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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chris Guerrieri responds to arrest record story

Chris Guerrieri responds to arrest record story

After the story about my arrest record hit the papers many people contacted and told me they were disappointed in the Times Union’s hatchet job. I appreciate their support but I disagree with their opinion.

This is absolutely the type of story that the public needs to hear about. I believe the public should be informed so they can better make decisions. I do however question the timing of the story. I wrote about my arrest record on my blog which doubles as my campaign web-site site in February and it has been there everyday for people to see. I likewise told the Times Union about my arrest record five weeks ago and they had already mentioned it once before when they printed my candidate questionnaire. I also question the timing of the piece because, first I think they should have written about it weeks if not months ago and it does seem suspicious that they only wrote about my past after I revealed the questionable practices the school board has in giving no compete contracts, some worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to their friends and family members. It s made even more dubious since the reporter who wrote the story told me that the school board chair Betty Burney had encouraged the Times Union to do so.

I also question why the Times Union has seen fit to pass on the apparent corruption and unethical behavior being displayed by at least one member of the school board and numerous other stories about candidates that the public should know about in order to make informed decisions. How can we have an honest debate about education and who the best candidates are when the public only gets a partial view?

I would like to clear up a few things about my arrest record that were either inaccurate or left vague in the piece; I couldn’t have been in trouble with the district from 98-02 because I didn’t start working for the district until the fall of 2000. And yes it is embarrassing to admit but I do have numerous DUI’s, 2, the first in October 88 and the second in January 95. From 88 to 98 I was a reckless young man, one that I will neither defend nor self servingly try to excuse.

So Times Union, on one hand good job but what took you so long and on the other, you have a lot more reporting to do, so please get to it.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher


  1. Chris, how does one go about filing an ethics and/or criminal complaint against Connie Hall and Betty Burney?

  2. I am 75 years old, but still bright enough to recognize an ad hominem (sp?) attack when I see one. Let's not argue the facts, for heaven's sake, when we can focus on the arrest record of the person presenting those uncomfortable, undeniable facts. After all, if we can convince you not to listen to the messenger, then everything can stay just like it is -- and change of any kind is so disruptive!

  3. Chris I have a question I really need an answer to then what to do about it.
    Talking with teachers this year they told me their raised were based off math scores, even if they science teachers, when they asked their union reps teachers were then told the raises were based off end of the course scores and proceeded to say that can be unfair because the test is received days in advance where some teachers can get a look at it and other teachers no where near the test until that day, so the integrity of the test is questionable, thus so are pay raises.

    Chris do you know for sure how pay raises will be evaluated? If a test is there a guarantee it be treated like FCAT and never looked at until the morning of the test?

  4. Some teachers will be evaluated on a school test score rather than an individual test score, if they are teaching subjects that aren't evaluated.

    Duval does the MAP tests to determine merit pay and its problems are legion.

  5. Chris:

    This question is about Kindergarten and FAIR test given. I am a retired Kindergarten Teacher who gave the FAIR test in a middle class school. Students in my class overall scored 97% in the beginning of the school year (which is highest possible score). I received an "Outstanding" evaluation. At end of school year my class received an overall grade of 91% (which is highest possible grade). Because score went down from 97% to 91% I did not receive merit pay, even though those were highest possible score by state.

    One other note, during my FAIR training, instructor from State of Florida informed us that Duval County was told not to use FAIR as a tool to grade teachers for Merit pay (which they have done)!

    FAIR is a great testing tool,I loved it, but Duval County has misused it. I think you need to take a look at the test, especially the reading comprehension. Tell me, what would you do to remedy the situation? Especially, since the State of Florida cautioned Duval County as using it as a tool for merit pay?