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Friday, August 31, 2012

Is Jeb Bush Clueless or completely clueless

Last night during his blame the teacher’s union education speech, where he went on and on about his debunked Florida miracle he said a lot of things that were either wrong or self serving but what got me the most was when he compared education to buying milk.

(paraphrased) Look at when you go to the grocery store and you walk down the milk aisle, you have 2%, low fat, vitamin D, chocolate, strawberry, and whole milk too, why can’t choosing a school for our children be like that.

First education is a bit more complicated and nuanced than buying milk, to compare the two is more than a little insulting but far more important is educating our children is a solemn trust, an important duty that one generation does for the next. It shouldn’t be diluted and fractured, splintered to the four winds or outsourced to people seeking to profit off our children something the Bush family has done.

Friends the evidence is coming in, vouchers don’t work, charter schools aren’t better, standardized testing does not make better students, value added evaluations lie, merit pay judges the students in a class not the teacher of that class and school choice is just a fancy way of saying, somebody is going to get rich off your child.

The truth is public education despite its warts is the best thing going and it is a society that is okay that 20% of our kids live in poverty and another 20% just above it, that is letting our schools down, not the other way around.

Education is the same as buying milk, and this guy was a governor, people listen to him? Sheesh!!!

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