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Friday, August 10, 2012

Connie Sands Hall candidate district 5 can be charged with a felony if she knowingly lied on her financial disclosure form

The Times Union reported the business which she is the sole owner was given a 270 thousand dollar contract in 2011.

Mrs. Hall did not disclose that on the financial disclosure form that all school board candidates are required to fill out.

Accoridng to, Gary J. Holland, Assistant General Counsel, Florida Department of State if she did it by accident it is no big deal, but if she knowingly did it she an be charged with a felony.

99.061(7)(c), FS – you can’t look beyond the face of the document; you accept the accuracy of the Form 6 based upon the candidate’s sworn statement. It’s not a qualifying matter, except to the extent the opponent wants to make it a campaign issue.


Falsely swearing in connection with elections is a felony (s. 104.011(1), FS), so the matter may be reported to and prosecuted by the state attorney and can also be reported to the Elections Commission for imposition of civil penalties. (The Elections Commission has jurisdiction over violations of Chapter 104 and 106.)

School board chair Betty Burney is quite fond of saying I just didn’t know when it comes to these type matters. I wonder if Mrs. Hall will say the same thing? However how she didn’t know a 270 thousand dollar contract from the school board is income is beyond me.

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  1. Interesting, as Burney and Hall have been acquaintances far longer than the paper and school board let on. I personally know a kidding...working for DCPS, for decades...and, let's just say, If I was Burney...or Hall, and one or the other was principal of a school, many years ago, and the other ran a daycare at the same time, which benefited...unethically (at best) illegally (at worst) financially from certain actions/kickbacks/funds from the other, then..I'd be pretty cautious about throwing mud. Yeah, folks, your district voters may not care about integrity or the rule of law, but state and federal prosecutors may take a very different view. Be careful, Burney and Hall..the standard Jacksonville political scratch your back b.s. just might bite back. This Chris guy has been nothing but forthcoming about his entire past...good, bad, and ugly. Funny how someone with integrity causes such an uproar of mud-slinging from folks so entrenched in unethical behavior for so long, they see absolutely nothing wrong with a board member in a position of power and authority over tax payer funds funneling it towards long time friends and relatives. Are you kidding me!!?? This is ethics 101!! Just another reason to forgo family vacations for the next 12 years and pay for private school.