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Friday, August 10, 2012

Connie Hall’s deceptive financial disclosures

Here is the set up: School board candidates have to file financial disclosure forms.

Here is the reveal: The Times Union reported in 2011 Mrs. Hall received a 270 thousand dollar contract from the school district.

Mrs. Hall did not put this information on her financial disclosure sheet. I talked to the state ethics office and they said she should have at the very least listed it as a secondary asset even if she made no money off the contract and they explained it to me this way.

Say I work for the ethics office and I am independently wealthy. I then take my ethics paycheck and donate every cent to charity, well even though I made no money off my salary. I still had income.

Here is the rub: why the cover up and what else is being covered up? Is Mrs. Hall’s focus our children or is it making money off our children?

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