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Thursday, August 9, 2012

SB member Tommy Hazouri explains why the school district is in trouble

At the last school board meeting Tommy Hazouri explained why the district was in trouble. He talked about how discipline was bad in our middle schools and how unless we make them safe the district will continue to lose kids and families to charter schools, private schools and the surrounding counties.

Um, Mr. Hazouri didn’t you read the article in the Times Union that said referrals and suspensions are way down and the distinct attributed it to better training?

The truth is discipline is not better and to many it has become worse but the district manipulates both numbers and teachers in a self-serving attempt to appear to be doing better.

The district has become all about appearances, not educating and Mr. Hazouri probably didn’t realize it while he was making his statement he pinpointed the number one problem in the district, we would rather appear to be doing well, it is easy to manipulate numbers and cajole teachers, rather than actually doing well.

After 8 years maybe the board member that replaces Hazouri will finally get it.

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