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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Duval’s fuzzy math or we wonder why we are in trouble

When talking about hiring a lawyer, Karen Chastain full time:
The proposed salary for the chief legal officer is $150,000 annually plus $48,000 in benefits.

That is 198,000 dollars, wow.

In Fiscal Year 2010-11, Chastain billed the district for 719 hours of work at $175 per hour for a total of $125,761 in fees paid to the General Counsel’s Office, according to school district documents given to the board Tuesday.

So in 2010-11 we saved 63 thousand by using the city

In the 2011-12 fiscal year, Chastain billed the district for 950 hours resulting in a total of $166,250 fees paid to the General Counsel’s office, the documents showed. By the way 950 hours is 2 hours and 36 minutes a day, everyday, even Christmas and the 4th of July.

So in 2011-12 we saved over thirty thousand dollars.

But then the district goes on to say, if she was district chief legal officer, the projected cost savings to the district in the first year is $26,966, according to district documents.

Um, how?


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