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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A much needed win for the good guys in Florida, vouchers go down like Frazier.

Yesterday the senate sponsor to a pubic school killing voucher bill withdrew it. This despite the fact it sailed through the senate and had a companion bill in the house that was assured passage. The dispute was over accountability.

The house was against it and the senate was for it.

I have often talked about pendulums shifting and in Florida and Florida’s lever has been stuck on “hate public schools and teachers” for years. However with this bill going down in defeat and the prospect of a much more public school friendly governor being elected, either Rich or Crist would be better, in my opinion Rich a lot better, this gives public education a little breathing room.

This is not to say this legislature can’t do some grave damage. There is still the charter school on every corner bill making its way through, but with the voucher bill going down, it gives one hope, that reason has at least a small foothold in Tallahassee.

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  1. The oligarchs are busy all over the globe in a relentless quest to disenfranchise the masses of the people. The destruction of public education is their goal, thereby insuring the creation of a permanent underclass. They must be stopped. We must engage them at every level. This is a battle for the survival of the family structure and for our progeny. This is a fight we dare not lose.