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Monday, March 3, 2014

Commissioner Pam Stewart's epic fail on testing!

First a little background. Commissioner Stewart sent out an e-mail to all the teachers in Florida trying to justify the use of testing on severely and profoundly disabled children. In short it was an epic fail. Below is a letter that I beleive echos the sentiment of most teachers.

By Dave Galloway, via facebook
Commissioner Stewart,

Thank you for revealing your true colors in your dismissive, condescending email I received earlier today. I was holding out hope that given your extensive educational experience you would prove to be more than the usual sycophant hack that has been the Governor preferred type of Commissioner. Today my hopes were crushed as I realized that you are but one of them.

Rationalize, again, how subjecting any student with a terminal condition to any type of testing is a positive thing. Maybe in your world it is acceptable. Those with a genuine concern for students or any modicum of human decency for that matter, think differently.

How DARE you of accuse teachers of politicizing education. Teachers have traditionally refrained from engaging the political process, choosing to concentrate fully on their students and their educational advancement. Only when met with the hostile corporate takeover and destruction of our schools have we stood up and said "NO MORE!"

It is your boss, following in the footsteps of Gov. Bush, that has brought us deep into this political morass. Gov. Scott has in fact hung a "For Sale" sign on every School Board and school house in Florida. A billion dollars for charter schools and their owners who support the Governor and his legislative hand-maidens, and but a pittance for our public schools. The depth of your complicitness in this take down is breath taking. Fortunately, The scheme of endlessly testing our students and thus diverting millions of tax dollars to your corporate sponsors is fast falling apart. Teachers have known for years what this was doing to our students. Now parents are seeing the long term damage as well.

Coalitions and alliances are being built. All with a common cause that we are passionate about. Teachers and parents only want what's best for our students, not the corporate interests that you are beholden to. Your spontaneous outrage will not placate us as we move forward, together, to remove Governor Scott from office in November of this year. This is an election cycle that can't come soon enough.

Dave Galloway
President, JCEA

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