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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jason Fischer’s moral outrage

From the Times Union: Jason Fischer is a school board member who has long favored more school choice said he would like the district to talk about transportation funding for school choice in the future, especially for low income parents who can’t afford it.

It is really immoral to force a kid to go to a school where they are not doing well he said, we have an obligation to provide transportation to these low income kids.

First does anybody really think he cares about the fate of our poor and mostly minority children? These are the same children he sentenced to having Teach for America hobbyists as teachers. Hey Mr. Fischer if you really care about them how about insisting they have real teachers instead.

Listen to his words too; he wants kids to be able to go to different schools if they aren’t doing well at the schools they are at. He didn’t say be able to leave falling schools. Now just because a kid isn’t doing well he thinks they should be able to leave. Maybe this is because his brothers left their neighborhood school to attend a notoriously poor performing charter school. There are numerous reasons why kids might not be doing well and few justify paying for a transfer.    

Do you know what I find to be immoral, a school board member who dislikes public schools and who is actively working to dismantle them. As for obligations, he is failing his.

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