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Friday, March 14, 2014

Is Vitti actually encouraging more charter schools to come to Duval?

Well let’s look at some facts, since he has been here the proliferation of charter schools has increased and he even attended a conference with charter school proponent and confident Gary Chartrand, whose theme was how do we bring more charter schools to Florida. 

So where he says he wants to bring students back from charter schools and private schools color me unconvinced.

Okay here is where it gets a little conspiracy theory.  Chartrand’s open enrollment idea will undoubtedly exacerbate the problem of underutilization at some of our neighborhood schools on the north and west side of town.  He says he will commit to not closing them for two years. Well friends what is going to happen two years from now, when a dozen schools have less than fifty percent enrollment?  The pressure to close them will be unbearable.  So who will fill the need of parent who either can’t drive their children across town or don’t want them bussed? Charter schools that’s who.

Once again the solution shouldn’t be to blow up the system, it should be to fix our problems.


  1. When parents apply to go to the "good" schools and can't get in because those schools are at capacity, who thinks they'll merely curse their bad luck and stay at their neighborhood school? No, once moved to act, if they can't get into that DCPS school of choice, they're headed for a charter school. This plan has great potential to backfire. I think it will throw more schools into the struggling category and DCPS will close schools.

  2. Chris Guerrieri, you are an excellent educator with a heart for kids, fellow teachers, civilized communities, and humanity. However, do not waste your vital energies on fighting those evil colonizers. You well know that Choice, Vouchers, and Charter Schools will not solve the woes of Duval County Public Schools. There is one single problem - a lack of discipline by both parents and students. Those who are trying to exploit this pitiable situation will falter and the battle for God will be won. I taught at First Coast High School which I think, conservatively, is among the 5 worst Duval High Schools. And I can tell you that the worst disruptors call it a "Ghetto School", and they are the ones who say they are going to leave for Charter Schools. In fact, these kids should be encouraged to go to charter schools. This is how we will win the God Fight. Charters will keep closing and the colonizers who are trying to suck our taxpayers money will take flight to their astral gloom.