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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Florida's give us your public school clubs, sports teams and extracurricular events but you can keep your schools bill.

That’s the gist of a bill introduced by perhaps the morally bankrupt legislator in Tallahassee today many Diaz. He wants public schools to open up their clubs, sports teams and extra-curricular events to charter school, private school and home school students and he is doing this at the same time he attempts to kneecap public education.

HB 533 Student Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities (aka athletics), by Rep. M. Diaz, passed the Education Appropriations Committee.  The bill revises provisions enabling home education, charter school, virtual education, and certain private school students to participate in extracurricular activities at public schools; authorizes students attending certain public schools to participate in extracurricular activities at another public school; requires district school board eligibility policies to apply evenly to all students regardless of student's extracurricular activity;

So let me get this straight, public schools aren’t good enough for the parents and students Diaz represents but their sports teams, clubs and axtra curricular events are? Also isn’t their insurance liabilities he wants public schools to take on. God forbid one of these private school kids get hurt playing a sport or doing something else.

This is a terrible bill introduced by in my opinion a terrible man who just wants to stick it to public schools however he can, for shame south Florida for electing this guy.

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