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Friday, March 14, 2014

Vitti’s rush to blow up our schools. #whatstherush?

 From readers: This is the Vitti style, or what has become S.O.P. for the District. Propose a broad-ranging policy without the details worked out at the last minute, insist it has to be done immediately, do not consult anyone who actually works at a school, get it approved (when needed), and demand implementation the next day. (Yes, once the Board approves, he will send out an email telling everyone he expects parents to begin signing up no later than) When anybody asks a question, respond with an attitude that suggests if you were too stupid to get it, they won't bother explaining it. 

When parents apply to go to the "good" schools and can't get in because those schools are at capacity, who thinks they'll merely curse their bad luck and stay at their neighborhood school? No, once moved to act, if they can't get into that DCPS school of choice, they're headed for a charter school. This plan has great potential to backfire. I think it will throw more schools into the struggling category and DCPS will close schools. 

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