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Monday, March 24, 2014

When they say it is all about the kids what they really mean is it is all about the money (Florida’s Voucher program), the money they plan to put in their wallets!

And nowhere is this more exemplified than by Doug Tuthill the six figured salaried mercenary runner of Step up for Students, Florida’s voucher program and friends he admits to it to in the video below.

At first he does twists and turns trying to justify the use of public funds for vouchers but then later he just gets right to it and believe me friends it is not pretty.

From Scathing Purple Musings:   McGrory’s broke the story about the existence of a You Tube video of Step Up for Students CEO bragging about SUFS’s political rise:

Meanwhile, the non-profit that runs the voucher program came under fire Tuesday for a 2011 video that was posted to YouTube.

In the video, Step Up for Students President Doug Tuthill outlined the organization’s political strategy. He talked about the role of an affiliated political committee.

“One of the primary reasons we’ve been so successful we spend about $1 million every other cycle in local political races, which in Florida is a lot of money,” Tuthill told a group at the University of California, Berkeley. “In House races and Senate races, we’re probably the biggest spender in local races.”
Tuthill said he and other proponents “make low-income families the face of the program.”

“We put those people in the face of Democrats and say ‘How can you deny this parent the right to educate their child in the ways that they need?’” he said.

Tuthill also acknowledged that the program had built up support among black ministers. “The black ministers have really flipped the politicians. That has really brought most of the black and Hispanic politicians over to the program.”

Most politicians don’t like it when a hack like Tuthill boasts that they’ve been bought and played.  Especially when those pols are sending more taxpayer money into an entity controlled by him.

Sources have told Scathing Purple Musings that Tuthill was running around the Senate yesterday whining that a “well-orchestrated attack” had defeated his bill. Perhaps that’s what happens when people start reading what’s actually in the bill and start taking closer looks at the way your organization operates.

Did I mention Mr. Tuthill makes well over six figures and if that doesn’t outrage you what about the fact that they undoubtedly used public money to lobby for more public money.

Finally friends you can rest assured that when these guys start going on about doing things for the kids, what they are really talking about is doing things for the money, the money they plan to put in their bank accounts.

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