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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Janet Adkins, Florida’s latest worst legislator ever.

If you have followed Adkins it’s no secret she doesn’t care for public schools and their teachers and I have no doubt she would replace he lot of them with charter schools staffed by Teach for America if she could. That’s why she feels she can be so insulting.

When talking about a one year pause in the state accountability system rather than the three year one all the education experts have asked for she said:  I think you missed something there and that's Adkins and the republicans mindset, she said, But I don’t think that three years is appropriate given that we can’t ask these students to wait three years to put their education on hold. We’ve got to continue to move on.”

See she doesn't think teachers will teach unless they have a test hanging over them like the sword of 
Damocles. What does she think teachers will be doing if the transition was for three years; sitting back with their feet u sipping coffee is what.

Where did this displaced disdain for public schools and their teachers that the republican part continuously exhibits come from?


  1. Get a life! She is leader and has core values more important last election she received over 70 % of the vote in her district sounds like lot of register voters think she is the best person to represent them!

    1. If you vote for her you are an idiot, plain and simple.