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Monday, March 17, 2014

Florida’s Consortium for Charter schools done lost their minds!

When talking about a bill giving charter schools a standard contract that would be reviewed by the charter friendly FLDOE, Tim Kitts, a charter school principal in Bay County and head of the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools advocacy committee, said the bill is about fairness.

"We understand their point, that they want to have the negotiating capability, rather than having a contract that's handed to them," Kitts said. "But there are some districts that have been bad actors."

School districts being bad actors?!? What the beep!!!!

Please forgive me but is Tim a crazy person? What about the 250 plus charter schools that have opened, taken public money and closed leaving families and communities in a lurch. What about all the charter operators that have used their schools like personal bank accounts, what about the million and millions siphoned out of the classrooms to the bank accounts of charter school managers, what about the overall poor job that they do?   

Friends, even if you like charter schools you should be calling for stricter guidelines and if Tim doesn't see that, then I have answered my question.

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