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Thursday, March 13, 2014

John Legg wants to give the distraous state board of edcuation even more power. Up is down in Florida.

It has been no secret I have been dissatisfied with the state board of education. This collection of grocers’, citrus growers and hobbyists represents all that is wrong in education. Race based goals, the disaster of an accountability system and VAM based teacher evaluations anyone. If anything this non-elected body needs to have its power diminished.

Senator John Legg, who done lost his mind, disagrees.

From Scathing Purple Musings 

 “Pay no attention to our botched accountability systems” say Florida senate republicans as they propose even more irrational crap to stuff into Florida’s education accountability systems. Yesterday, Sen. John Legg (R-Lutz) inserted language into SB 1642 that gives the state board of education even more power to change school grade rules when it suits them:

The state board shall periodically review the school grading scale to determine if the scale should be adjusted upward to meet raised expectations and encourage increased student performance. (Lines 226-228)
So if there as too many A’s and B’s, they can just change the rules and school administrators will have to spend countless days adjusting to the whims of political appointees who don’t have to answer voters. Florida republicans will make any rule to get a bell-curve to label some “failing schools” for charter school conversions.

In Diane Ravitch’s keynote address to the first annual Network for Public Education conference on March 2nd, she asserted that everything today’s current education reformers have done is “failing or has already failed.” Guys like Legg are part of the failing cabal that has unloaded this embarrassing school grade formula on Florida schools. Its subjected to constant rewrites to cover political backsides to the point that school grades are meaningless save for maintaining self-congratulatory chortling in GOP caucus meetings.

I guess if Chartrand can manipulate grades (um haven’t they been doing that for the last few years now) then his KIPP School will finally get that A.

Up is down, black is white, dogs and cats play together and people jump on the furniture in Florida. 

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