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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The “let’s give everything to charter schools bill” fast tracks through the Florida Legislature. Shameful!

From the Current: Rep. Manny Diaz, R-Hialeah, told the committee HB 7083 would streamline the application process a charter school uses to start within a district and offers the opportunity for high-performing out-of-state charter schools to qualify for designation in Florida. Also, the plan would allow charter schools to use shuttered school district facilities.

That means Public School districts would be required to give underutilized buildings to charter schools. Those are public resources being given to for the most part for-profit entities.

That means democracy and local control dies as school districts will no longer have control of what schools are opened in their borders.

That means schools that have no track record of success in Florida will be given lucrative long term contracts. Teachers are now year to year.

Manny Diaz and his Senate Companion Rob Bradley of Orange Park are giving away the house for an industry that under performs and is only really good at one thing and that’s lining the pockets of legislators and charter school managers.

They ignore the fact that over 250 have failed in Florida and dozens of charter school scandals. We should be making it more difficult not easier for Charter schools and even people that like them should want that too. The few good apples are being washed out by all the mercenaries and bad actors.

Absolutely shameful.

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