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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Florida’s free money if you home school your children bill

I don’t know of anybody who is forced to home school their children. This is a choice well the Legislature in their lack of infinite wisdom has decided to reward this choice.

Education “Reimbursement” Account  was another voucher-like idea work-shopped by the House Choice and Innovation Subcommittee.  These accounts are designed for certain students who are home schooled to access funding for educational and therapeutic services.  Eligible students include those who are eligible to enroll in grades K-5 (and, going forward, for any student who has an existing reimbursement account – i.e. this could include students in higher grades that enrolled in the program while in grades K-5); who have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and are eligible for matrix support levels III-V or have an Educational Plan (EP) from his home school district (this would include gifted students); and who enroll in a home education program.  These reimbursement accounts would be funded in the same manner as the John McKay Scholarship Program – i.e. the calculated student funding amount would be deducted from the school district’s FEFP funding and transferred to a scholarship funding organization. The funding could be used for specialized instructional services consistent with the student's IEP, tuition/fees for private school instructional services, private tutoring, and other purposes.  Today’s workshop was intended as an exploratory discussion about the concept of reimbursement accounts – no official action was taken – but it is likely that this concept will be presented in a proposed committee bill.  The Senate version is SB 1512 by Stargel. 

Here is an idea if you want services offered by public schools go to public schools. If public schools aren’t as good as you want them to be work to make them better. The legislature should not be subsidizing their choices.


  1. That's great and wonderful if the Public Schools didn't have their hands tied by the federal government with things like Common Core or filled with teachers that only preach evolution and not any other alternatives. Not to mention their socialist ideas as to what is right and what is wrong and add to that their new definition as to how history is taught!

    1. Oh my anonymous you are so right which is the exact reason why I have chosen to take all 3 out and homeschool. Federal government does not belong in my child's learning PERIOD.

  2. When you have a child with an IEP, it's because that child has special needs. Many times children with special needs are vulnerable, can't communicate well, and/or have cognitive delays. It makes sense for parents to want to keep them out of the public sector, considering how prolific and secretive abuse can be. One of the schools near where I live, for example, had a case against them where employees admitted there was a code of silence about an abusive employee. Even if that is not happening, most people are simply too afraid to stand up to violence the way they should. So it is completely understandable for these parents to not use the public school system. That does not mean these families are wealthy in the slightest. It does not mean they can afford the services they need for their children to grow and succeed. As a mother of a child with autism, I can tell you therapy makes a difference! To allow these families access to these therapies is the right thing to do.

    I hope this gives you a little understanding for the families in this situation. Life has given them a difficult hand. We can afford to give them a little help.

  3. That applies to special needs children ... PSLA.