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Friday, March 28, 2014

What needs aren’t public schools meeting? The shameful hatred of public schools in Florida.

I will be honest I think public schools should have more programs that play to children’s strengths whether they be the arts, skills, trades or academics but the reason we don’t is often a byproduct of the system that seeks to privatize them after testing them out of existence. The thing is I don’t see charter schools or private schools that take vouchers offering a lot of options either. 

Janet “I really just don’t like public schools” Adkins said every child has different needs. Fair enough but what needs aren’t public schools serving that charter schools are or can. I have wracked my brain and other than perhaps religious needs I can’t think of a one.

Adkins, Bush, Weatherspoon, Fresen and the list goes on and on talk about kids needs (what about the need of many parents not to have their kids tested to death) but the truth is they don’t like public schools and for whatever reason and they have a need to punish and kneecap them.that is what this is really all about.

It is absolutely shameful.

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