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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why in Florida are public school students left holding the (empty) bag.

The vast majority of students in Florida attend public schools but they are always last to the table. Janet Adkins, Eric Fresen and others constantly talk about the needs of a few parents they think want vouchers while ignoring the please of public school parents who say their kids are tested to much and that their schools don’t have adequate resources, two of the reasons people take their children out of public schools.

In short the Florida Legislature has created a crisis and then pointed to that crisis as a reason to allow more kids to leave their public schools.   

If Fresen and Adkins and the rest of their ilk really cared about children they would be looking to improve things in public schools instead of constantly kneecapping them and draining away resources.

From the Tampa Times: But Rep. Janet Adkins, R-Fernandina Beach, said lawmakers should focus on the children.

"I know there are many moms and dads in Florida who feel like their needs for their children are not being met, and they become frustrated with the bureaucracy that they meet in these public school institutions," she said. "Our goal today is not to save the public school institutions. Our goal today is not to protect the school enrollment. Our job today, members, is to ensure that Florida students get the very best education opportunities that they can. Period."

What about the parents of public school children Janet? Why do you constantly ignore and marginalize them?

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