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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Vitti praises Brennan at First Coast while the data says he has been a disaster.

Vitti has come out swinging in defense of Al Brennan the principal at First Coast High school. WJCT reported Vitti said he was one of the best we had and the Times Union reported he said "when it comes to instructional leadership and running that building very few are at Dr. Brennans height."

Well the people in the building you know the ones that are doing the educating feel differently, below is from First Coast's climate survey.

My school is a good place to teach and learn, 29%, district average 71%
School leaders promote a safe and productive learning environment, 32%, district average 74%
School leaders support me when it comes to student behavior, 25%, district average 59%
Leaders at my school seek out feed back from teachers, 19%, district average 61%
My school has effective instructional leadership, 34%, district average, district average 68%

In category after category First Coast was way below the district average and when asked why teachers were planning to leave they blamed the school leadership and the learning environment they had created.

So that is what constitutes a good leader to Vitti?

Let's also check out the school grades

2013 (Pre Brennan) 2014 Brennan
Reading 43 41
Math 46 49
Writing 71 69
Science 75 54

The letter grade also dropped from an A to a grade protected B, the state has a rule that schools can only drop one letter grade, if it didn't have it the grade would have been a C or worse. Then if you look at the vacancy list it looks like the entire math department is leaving, so much for those modest gains.

We can't be in such bad shape that he is really one of our best. he was handed a veteran staff and a thriving school and in a year and a half he has ruined it.

Morale is terrible, the scores and grades are dropping and Vitti says he is one of the city's best. Does anybody else see a problem here? Vitti just gave the city the finger and he is either clueless or doesn't care and either way it is bad news.

1 comment:

  1. Vitti does not care. I bet there is going to be a Charter School opening up in Oceanway real soon. Vitti is just drumming up support for his Charter buddies.