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Thursday, July 26, 2018

A week before teachers are to report, union warns more surpluses are coming.

The union sent out the following note:

Because of the special status of turnaround schools, the state requires that specific employee staffing changes take place. The moves will be based on student VAM scores. The state has identified cut off student VAM scores in order for individual instructional staff members to remain at the schools. If you teach in a VAM subject area or grade level, you may be surplussed to another school if your scores don’t meet the state’s cutoff score. It is important that you are aware that this may become a possibility.

Once the VAM scores are released from the department of education, teachers will be notified if they will be surplussed to another worksite for the upcoming school year. The employee will have two days to pack up their belongings at their current worksite and move them to the new work site.

These are the schools that can expect the last second surplusses

Arlington Middle
George Washington Carver Elem
Gregory Drive
Hyde Park Elem
**Lake Forest Elem
Long Branch Elem
**Northwestern Middle
Ramona Elem
Rutledge Pearson Elem
Susie Tolbert Elem
Carter G. Woodson Elem
Biltmore Elem
Cedar Hills Elem
Highlands Elem
Highlands Middle
Jean Ribault Middle
Martin Luther King Elem
Rufus Payne Elem
St. Clair Evans Elem
Stonewall Jackson Elem
Brentwood Elem

Um why are we using Vam scores? The state has already said districts don't have to use them for evaluations not that they haven't been discredited time and time again.

So this is what is going to happen, teachers as they are reporting to work are going to be surplussed from our most fragile schools and those schools are going to be sent scrambling. This #@$%ing travesty is what the state calls good policy. 

Friends if people are going to be surplussed because of a specious metric can't it happen weeks if not months before school starts? The state waiting to the last second is setting our kids and schools up for failure but for some reason I think that is their plan all along.

Tell me there isn't a war on public schools and the teaching profession.

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