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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Superintendent Greene says no to Teach for America

At today's meet and greet, and more about that later, I asked superintendent Greene if going forward the district plans to hire any new Teach for America teachers, and she said they are hiring, so if you are interested get your resume together, but they had no plans to hire new TFA teachers. 

Now there is a new class of TFA teachers in own, so I guess this means they will all be going to charter schools. I wonder if they new that when they were hired. If Darryl Willie does his day job like he runs for school board then its my bet not.

Just a quick refresher, TFA takes mostly non education, recent college graduates, puts them through a six week teacher boot camp and then into our neediest schools where they are supposed to serve a two year commitment making sure our neediest students have the exact opposite of what research says they need. In short it is dreadful.

You know TFA just took a hundred thousand dollars from The Players Championship, money that could have went to truly needy causes rather than serving the indulgences of Gary Chartrand's anti school teacher whims. We have pumped millions into TFA and what do we have for it but empty and harder to fill classrooms as it exacerbated the teacher retention problem.

I am glad the district has finally come to its senses about ending this expensive and unnecessary program and I hope it shows that Gary Chartrand's pervasive influence has waned.    

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