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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Very little of Dave Chauncey's campaign money comes from district 6

I have to tell you that is very troubling. It indicates he isn't being supported by teachers and parents but rather by special interests who are going to come with their hands out if he wins.

During his last reporting period, he took in 6,500. Of that 1,325 came from individuals, and the rest from businesses, furthermore more than 5,000 came from outside his district.

The reporting period before had him rake in 10,040. Of that over 8,000 came from out of the district including a 1000 bucks from school voucher king and Tampa resident John Kirtley. 

It was a little over 16,700 the reporting period before that, and almost 10 grand came from out of the district and most of what didn't came from a few big businesses.

His first reporting period he brought in 24,000. Four thousand of it came from Gary Chartrand playing fast and lose with campaign finance laws. What he did may not be illegal but you can bet people like you and me couldn't get away with it.  Oh and of that 24 grand, 17 grand came from out of the district and there were only 33 contributors. Not exactly a grass roots campaign.

This was my unofficial tally as I let any address that I didn't recognize go, so the truth is it may actually be worse than above.

Chauncey may be the worst candidate I have seen in a decade. Two years of Teach for America experience and enough hubris to fill a swimming pool. If he wasn't bought and paid for by Gary Chartrand and his friends and he had any sense of decency Chauncey would drop out and allow the more experienced and capable candidates have a battle of ideas.

District 6 you have had a real warrior in Couch, please don't replace her with a guy who may have very rich friends but who has little else.

To check out Chauncey's finances for yourself, click the link:


  1. Chauncy - Law Degree,graduated with honers. President of Blue Key and a former teacher. VS, your 19 arrest, 4 stints in jail and striped of teaching certificate by doe. Slight credibility gap here.

    1. You attack me, not the facts, I would say that leaves you zero credibility. You can google me all you want but that doesn't change the facts I laid out above. Um by the way I still have and am using my teaching certificate. I start year 18 on the fifth.

    2. So, you were not arrested 19 times, you were not sent to jail 4, and you did not ever have a revocation of your teaching certicicate?

  2. Still posting anonymously, ugh, I am saying its irrelevant, I have a cat named Chumby and as a kid collected comic books and those things are irrelevant too, nothing you have said has to do with the facts I laid out above and then sourced so people can see for themselves. Chauncey has taken money from a lot of questionable people, you have to determine for yourself if that is okay or not. Now if you want to start a blog called Chris Guerrieri sucks, good luck to you but in the meantime I won't respond if you reply anonymously again. If you think its worth saying, have the guts to identify yourself.

  3. Friends, anonymous did comment again. They went on a rant about how I turned Scott Shine from a liberal to a conservative and I realized not only was I talking to a coward but a moron as well. I get it people are going to disagree and if you want to have a conversation about topics I am all for it but if you a nasty moron and a coward, please move along. Thanks

  4. Yep, knew that personality disorder would kick in and you would have to feed the monkey. Growing up with that cold, unapproving father sure did a number on you. "Daddy Issues" dead giveaway. Peace. Dean Wormer.