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Monday, July 16, 2018

The Network for Public Education gives Florida a F for their commitment to public education.

These are irrefutable facts.

Florida's teachers are some of the worst paid in the nation.

Florida is always ranked among the lowest in investing in public education.

Republican's have controlled the state government for over 20 years.

Republican's routinely pass laws that harm the teaching profession and public education while siphoning money to for profit charter schools, who are some of their biggest donors, and to private schools which have practically no over site.

Nobody can argue with above.

The NPE a grass root organization of teachers and education professionals has ranked the states according to their commitment to public education and it is no surprise that Florida received a F.

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Well friends do we really like being at the bottom of the list? Don't our children deserve better?
It's time we made a change in Tallahassee and instead of continuing to elect people who would dismantle our public schools and the teaching profession, we elected people who will support both.

It is past time for a change.

To learn more, click the link:

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