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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Darryl Willie is the worst. Invites people to event they can't go to.

There is a meet and greet for Superintendent Green today at UNF. Today Darryl Willie invited people to go to it.  The problem is RSVPs closed on July 10th.

Now I guess we can argue if there should be a RSVP to events like this. I don't think there should be, but right there is says please RSVP by July 10th.

D-Willie probably didn't even look, he was to busy perfecting his dance moves is my bet, but the thing is, its the little things, its the details that determine success and failure, and Willie has no time for the details.

Willie takes money from people who would privatize our schools. He doesn't  believe teachers are professionals or that experience matters. He doesn't do his paper work and he thinks his dance moves should trump others ideas and today he invited people to an event that stopped taking RSVPs a week ago. He is a parody of a candidate.

Can you imagine him on the school board?

Friends, what the what?

He is a disaster and shouldn't be considered for a spot on the school board. 

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