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Monday, July 2, 2018

Jason Fischer takes ten thousand dollars from Florida's voucher king

From Florida Politics:

School choice money, via Step Up for Students founder John Kirtley, comprised $10,000 of the committee’s haul; Florida Power and Light, a company with lobbyists in Jacksonville’s City Hall during the lapsed debate over potential privatization of the city’s utility, ponied up $5,000.

Here is a little trivia you might not know, Fischer also works for Kirtey at the state house Uretek holdings.  

Let's talk about vouchers in Florida, the following are all facts.

They have diverted billions away from public education.

Teachers at the voucher schools don't have to have degrees, nor do they have to be certified.

Many don't have a recognized curriculum and teach junk science, the Earth is only  9,000 years old and junk history, slavery wasn't so bad. 

Most don't have to report how they use the money they get from the state.

This is what Kirtley pushes and Fischer supports.

Fischer also funneled two million dollars to a donors charter school while ignoring the please of DCPS that the state didn't adequately fund its school security programs. 

I also found this interesting, also from Florida Politics:

Among Organes’ backers: former CSX CEO Michael Ward, notable as Organes retired from the Jacksonville railroad, former State Attorney candidate Jay Plotkin, and the local Sheet Metal Workers.

Fischer and Organes both worked for CSX and Michael Ward and he chose to support Organes.

Fischer does not care about the people of district 16 and he should not be given another term. 

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