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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

More GOP money rolls in for anti-education candidate Kimberly Daniels

Am I missing something here? Why are republicans rushing to give democratic candidate Kimberly Daniels money? Could it be her anti-public education views, the fact she really isn't a democrat or both?

From Florida Politics:

As of July 20, the last date for which campaign finance data is available, House District 14 incumbent Rep. Kim Daniels is still well ahead of Democratic challenger Paula Wright.
In the money chase ahead of the open Democratic primary, Daniels raised $7,642, and spent $13,420, between July 7 and July 20. She has just over $21,500 on hand.
Of the contributions, $5,000 came in five $1,000 checks from a North Miami Beach address housing a gaggle of dialysis companies. Also contributing: former Republican candidate for 4th Circuit State Attorney Wes White, as well as Harry Rummell of the Peter Rummell family.
Daniels was also called a champion of education by Jeb Bush's education, err privatization foundation, and received the lowest grade of any democrat from the Florida Education Fund. 
District 14 has somebody running who really cares about our children teachers and schools and that's Paula Wright, she not the wolf in sheep's clothing Daniels should get our support.

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