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Monday, July 16, 2018

Darryl Willie's latest campaign video proves once again he is all style and zero substance.

In Darryl Willie's latest campaign post he asks District 4 do you love me? Ugh how does he fit his head through his shirt?

He posted a video where he gets out of the D-Willie mobile and dances with his family and school board building in the background?

There is nothing about that pesky reading problem, teacher morale or the 63 million dollar budget shortfall, just him shaking his money maker.

The school board needs serious people to do a serious job and D-Willie has just proven again its not him.

We can't afford to put somebody who thinks selling his dance moves is more important than selling his ideas on the board.

I am reminded of a line of dialogue from the musical Hamilton. Hamilton asks Burr, if you stand for nothing what do you fall for, and Burr replies, talk less smile more, don't let them know what you are against or what you are for. Willie is dancing not talking about his ideas and he hopes people will overlook his lack of them, as well as his lack of experience and a track record of success.

We don't need somebody with dance moves on the school board we need somebody with ideas. Willie proves once again he is all about style over substance.

If he really cared about our schools and children he would drop out of the race and allow people with experience and a track record to have a conversation about improving our schools. 


  1. What an idiot and a buffoon!!! Dancing in front of the School Board building???? What's wrong with him???

  2. I'm sure his B.S. in Apparel and Textile Marketing Management along with his interpretive dancing skills make him a stellar candidate for the job.