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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jason Fischer and Scott Shine basically called frauds by education commissioner

Jason Fischer and Scott Shine in my opinion are some of the worst of the worst. It is not just that they actively root for failure it's also they complain against things they supported. Fischer helped craft a budget that he later called an audit for and Shine complained about a pupil progression plan he likewise voted for when it led to success. 

Why did they do these things? I believe it is at the behest of a rich donor, Gary Chartrand who will do everything in his power to embarrass and hurt DCPS. To paraphrase Dean Wormer, ignorant and corrupt are noway to go through life.

Well it's not just me who thinks Fischer and Shine, who basically called the district cheats when the  it did better than before on the end of the year Civics exam, out of line, it is commissioner Pam Stewart as well. 

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Florida school districts that delayed enrollment in a required civics course for some middle school students did nothing wrong — and may have made an “educationally sound” decision for those youngsters, said Education Commissioner Pam Stewart.

Stewart shared her views in a letter sent to six Republican lawmakers, who last week accused three school districts — those in Duval, Manatee and Polk counties — of trying to “game” Florida’s school grading system with “dishonest and unethical practices.”
But Stewart said in her letter Tuesday that she found no evidence of wrongdoing or any attempt to manipulate the state’s A-to-F school grading system.
Stewart added, “We do not have any evidence that the districts you have listed have done anything that is in violation of the law or improperly manipulated the accountability system.”
Fischer and Shine have never been friends of Duval County Public Schools and they have never represented the people of their districts either. Everybody who took ten seconds on the story knew DCPS had done nothing wrong yet the two of them pushed it. Shameful.

Shine has already announced he isn't running for reelection, and it's time we made sure Fischer is out of a job come November as well.

1 comment:

  1. I want to thank Scott & Jason (or as I call them Pete & Repeat) for bringing this matter to the attention of the highest authority on education in the state. Now Pam might have other counties do the same thing so students get something out of their classes other than a failing grade and blank stares. Or as teachers call it "an education."

    “Further ... data we have from other districts indicates that in some cases, delaying the year the civics course is taken in middle school can result in more students passing the exam and thus can be an educationally sound decision.”

    At least Jason isn't a sore loser. Not. Of course he is. He's Jason Fischer. Like somebody who truly doesn't know the meaning of the word "irony" (through willful ignorance most likely) Jason pleads his case:

    “Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right,” he said.

    Like Justin told Brittany...cry me a river. Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me, Jason. Maybe you should've spent more time in your English Lit class at Ed White?

    Dumb & Dumber(I can't tell which is which) need to crawl back in their holes with their tales between their legs after that spanking. There's no saving face after this arse whuppin. Jason, go ahead & retire like your buddy Scott. You're wasting Gary's $$. More importantly you're wasting ours.