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Monday, July 2, 2018

How committed are republican's to school safety? Their words and actions don't often match.

Republican's sometimes get mad at me for simply pointing out what they are doing. Here is the thing, if they don't want to be called out for their behavior, they should change their behavior.

After the Marjory Stoneman Douglass tragedy, the republicans in Tallahassee played a lot of lip service to school safety. Please don't be fooled by the hype. 

What they did is take money earmarked for the district's general fund, you know the money they use to pay teacher salaries and increased costs and for so many other things and moved it over to their security initiatives. The problem is they didn't allocate enough money and some districts are having to ask for tax initiatives while others, like my hometown of Jacksonville are paying for $12.50 security guards with a few weeks of training.

That's bad but now the republicans in Washington D.C. are piling on.

From Roll Call: 

The House is proposing to cut funding for school safety programs, even as Congress continually increases spending on its own security. Some lawmakers and education advocates question the logic of this amid a nationwide conversation on school security, gun violence and self-harm.
The House’s draft fiscal 2019 spending bill to fund the Education and Health and Human Services departments proposes about $110 million in reductions to programs meant to improve school safety and steer behavioral health services toward students.
While there are proposed increases in a separate House spending bill for school security measures funded by the Justice Department, those would be outweighed by the other cuts. Compared to a decade ago, programs meant to foster safe school environments have dwindled dramatically. In 2007, federal funding for school safety programs exceeded $600 million. Today, it’s around $400 million, if you include a wide array of broader violent crime reduction grants for local police forces.
Look, I didn't think it is to much to ask that the Republican's in Tallahassee and Washington, words reflect their actions, unfortunately they don't. Don't we deserve politicians that back up what they say with action? Don't our children deserve it?
If school safety is an issue you think is important, and I hope it is, then the bottom line is you can't trust the Republicans in Tallahassee or Washington. 
We can and should be doing better,

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