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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Is Darryl Willie and TFA Jax playing fast and loose with the truth?

There is a 2018-19 class of new Teach for America recruits.

The TPC gave TFA Jax a hundred thousand dollars.

This makes TFA look strong with a bright future but the truth is a lot different.

DCPS says they have no plans of continuing the program. Now they are finishing the commitment made under Vitti but they don't plan on moving forward with any new ones and thank goodness.

Did the TPC know this when TFA took the money? Did the new TFAers know they would be working charter schools? My bet is not.

Darryl Willie has some tough questions that need answered and I for one hopes he gives us more than just slick dance moves.

TFA is on the way out of Jacksonville and that is both long overdue and a good thing, but for some reason Willie is operating like there isn't a care in the world.

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