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Friday, July 6, 2018

Scott Shine should resign immeadiatly

Since Scott Shine announced he would not seek reelection he has regularly engaged in some troubling behavior.

First he did not show up for the final interviews for the superintendent candidates, perhaps the most important job the board has had.

Then he called on intern superintendent Willis to rescind two principal promotions that went to relatives of hers. the problem here is he already voted to approve the promotions. He claimed that Willis was not forthcoming but as far as I can tell nobody stopped him from asking questions before he gave his approval.

Then last week he basically accused the district of cheating when the district did better on the end of the year civics exam. The pupil progression plan, a plan he also voted for called for children to take the test when they were better prepared, which seems more like a good thing than gaming the system as Shine implied. State education commissioner Pam Stewart basically rebuked Shine when she called the practice of better preparing students academically sound and found no wrong doing.

Any one of these incidents is troubling but when put together they show a dereliction of duty for a job that despite the fact he is a multi-millionaire he is being paid to do. That's right folks he collects a check.

During the last two election cycles, district 2 has chosen rich, white businessmen, first Fel Lee who also only served one term and then Shine, without any relevant education experience and we see how this has worked out. I hope this time around they choose an educator, somebody who cares about our, children, teachers and schools, rather than somebody who treats the position like it is a check mark on a bucket list.

Shine should immediately resign. 

1 comment:

  1. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not watching.

    Fischer scoffed at the idea that he or other conservative politicians, who tend to support charter schools, were challenging middle school test results for political reasons.

    “That sounds like a far left conspiracy theory to me,” he said.

    At least he didn't outright deny it. Follow the $$ TU.