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Sunday, July 1, 2018

David Chauncey rakes in money hand over fist, very little comes from District 6

I think we can tell a lot about a candidate from who gives money to them.

David Chauncey a former Teach for America teacher with less relevant experience than anyone else in the field has a commanding edge in fund raising  though if you look at where it comes from you quickly realize very little comes from district 6 and a substantial amount doesn't even come from Jacksonville. Out of the 10,400 he reported for the last cycle less than 2,000 dollars came from where he is running. Who backs you says a lot and the people backing Chauncey are not friends of public education, the ones that even live in the city that is.

Hubris, lack of experience or lack of ideas, the fact it doesn't seem like he would represent the people of his district or even the city, are just some of the reasons to stay away from Dave Chauncey as a candidate.

Friends the make up of the board is going to radically change. District 6 had a member Becki Couch that fought for our, teachers, children and schools. It would be a shame to replace them with a board member who doesn't care about any of them.

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