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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Jeb Bush's foundation puts Kimberly Daniels in its honor roll

Jeb Bush has an education foundation, Florida's Future, where he pushes things like high stakes testing, punitive measures against teachers and privatization, and democratic representative Kimberly Daniels in part of their honor roll. 

Sandwiched in between Richard Corcoran and Manny Diaz, two long time foes of public education, and just a few notches above Jason Fischer who is the worst of the worst, the foundation had this to say about Daniels,

  Representative Kimberly Daniels
Representative Kimberly Daniels was one of the Florida House’s most outspoken proponents of educational opportunity, often sharing her experiences as a parent as well as the experiences of many of her constituents.
While sharing her passion for empowering parents with high-quality choices, Representative Daniels often focused on the positive, lifelong impact these choices have for students.
Kimberly Daniels is a lot of thing, two things she is not is a friend of public education and a democrat.
The Florida Education Association, inversely to Jeb Bush had Daniels the lowest ranked democrat when it can to supporting public education.
Friends we cannot have fake democrats representing our schools and children because they don't and instead they represent the interests of privatizers, mercenaries and charlatans. 
Kimberly Daniels has shown by what she has done and who she takes money from that she does not deserve a second term and how she got a first is beyond me.
Instead we need to elect a real advocate for children, current school board chair, Paula Wright, who unlike Jason Fischer did when he ran for the house did not quit her job. 

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