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Friday, July 6, 2018

I blocked Tom James on facebook and maybe you should too.

Tom James is a teacher and former union member out of south Florida and I did not take blocking him lightly.

You see, I believe people can disagree with each other, I believe people can look at a situation and see it from different perspectives as well. What people can't do is bully, troll or drive by and throw bombs and that is what Tom James and so many more people are doing.

In my opinion people like James aren't interested in having discussions and finding solutions, no, they are interested in being right and belittling the people they disagree with, though James calls it "exposing liberal lies."

Now some people might be saying, come on Chris, you write about the republican party all the and I do, but me pointing out what they have done and are doing has a valid place in the education debate especially in Florida where they have been in complete control for over twenty years.

Me pointing out what they have done is not an attack, it is the equivalent of me saying the sky is blue and puppies are cute, it just is.

Here is the thing, in my blogging career, I have also criticized President Obama and Arne Duncan for their education polices and was a huge critic of Race to the Top as well. Heck when I thought it warranted I have criticized my own union too. I don't mind calling out anybody who in my opinion is harming public education and the teaching profession.

What James and he's not alone, get miffed about is the fact that when it comes to education Republicans give me a lot more opportunities to point out their corruption, maleficence, and bad policies. Policies that more often than not hurt children and teachers.

I want to make two points, I will never lie about whats happening, I don't need to and where I do a lot of commentary, I will always do my best to source as much as I can. Next feel free to challenge and debate me, but you had better come with facts not memes or unrelated subjects, and with a certain amount of decorum. I will not start it but I have no problem giving it back.

So if you want to have a conversation lets do it, if not scroll on by or if on Facebook, feel free to block me as well.

In education, as in most areas of life, we have serious problems that need serious solutions, bullies, trolls and bomb throwers however are not needed. 

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