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Friday, July 27, 2018

Veteran Duval teachers lose out on thousands of dollars. (rough draft)

I am starting my 18th year but I am only on step sixteen. One year I was a full time sub and another year despite there being 120,000,000 in reserves, then superintendent Pratt Dannals declared a financial emergency and steps were waived for a year.

On step 16 I am scheduled to make 47,800 during the 18-19 school year

A teacher in 2005 on step 16 was scheduled to make 40,833.

Now lets put both amounts into the inflation calculator

Hmm, it says I should be making 52,685 dollars

Hmm my regular calculator says I should be making 4,885 dollars more. Why do I have the feeling what with losing the step in 2010 and the salaries getting smaller and smaller, I am out tens of thousands of dollars and why do I feel like I am not the only one?

You know I don't blame DTU, I think they have done as good as job as possible with economic issues. You can't squeeze blood out of a rock and I think they have gotten all they can out of DCPS.

I am not mad at DCPS either because Tallahassee has criminally and chronically underfunded education and even if you give them a pass for the great recession, which ended oh about six years ago, they have made scant effort to make up the shortfall. It's Tallahassee that has my ire.

These are facts, when you factor in cost of living, Florida's teachers are the worst paid in the nation.

Florida routinely lacks at or near the bottom in investing in education.

When you factors in inflation, Florida spends about a thousand less per pupil than it did ten years ago.

I am personally out tens of thousands of dollars and if you are a veteran teacher so are you.

Veteran teacher how much money are you out and are you going to let the same people in Tallahassee continue to #$%^ you over?

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