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Monday, July 30, 2018

Trey Csar proves he is no friend of education, endorses Darryl Willie? Is JPEF's bias showing?

For years when I would write about the Jacksonville Public Education Fund's entanglements with school board candidates, they would push back and say, board members can do whatever they want and it doesn't influence their work.

Well friends we all know that isn't true and some more evidence is this statement put out by Trey Csar just days after leaving JPEF

Via facebook:

Friends, if you can, please come out and get to know my good friend, Darryl Willie, who is running for School Board in District 4, next week. Darryl is an amazing man and father who has committed his career to improving educational outcomes, particularly for low-income kids and kids of color. Our city would be well served under his leadership.


Here is the thing I know a lot of amazing men and fathers that I wouldn't want on the school board. That's a serious job that requires a particular set of skills that you don't get spending two years in a school and running a non profit that basically says anybody can be a teacher, experience doesn't matter and kids will be fine with an ever revolving door of novice teachers.
If Trey truly cared about low income kids and kids of color he wouldn't want Willie anywhere near the school board and our city won't be served by Willie's leadership only the mercurial whims of Gary Chartrand would. 

Trey has always been an affable guy, and he has always been on the wrong side of education issues as well.

District 4 you have some fantastic candidates, please don't replace Paula Wright with somebody who both has bad ideas and hidden allegiances

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