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Monday, July 16, 2018

If Darryl Willie can't be trusted to do his paperwork how can we trust him to be on the school board?

Friends it is the little things and I know not many people nerd out like I do and check the candidates paperwork, but I like to know who is supporting them because to me that tells me a lot about them. If parents and teachers support a candidate, I think that is good. If corporations, the uber rich trying to purchase influence and charter schools support them, I think that is bad. Needless to say, Willie gets a lot of the latter.

Then he can't do his paperwork either. This latest filing was due on the 6th and ten days later he hasn't bothered to do it and this is far from his first time being very late. I wrote below when he was late last time.

This is D-Willie's second attempt to be on the school board. He ran against a rather nasty campaign against Paula Wright in 2014 where he and his allies spread falsehoods about the district and Mrs. Wright herself. This go around he has exhibited a different issue.

Candidates have to report who gives them money and this last cycle ended on June 22nd some ten days ago and he didn't file his report until today.

Now it's not unusual for candidates to pass the deadline by a few days, ten days however, well that is another matter.

These dates and the fact you are supposed to have this information in are well known in advance. It's paperwork that candidates are required to do, like the paperwork that teachers and I am sure school board members have to do. You might not like it, or agree with it or want to do it, a boat I have been in many times, but there it is.

It took Willie ten days to get his in and this isn't the first time he has taken more extra time than his opponents

I guess on the scale of things, that's better than spreading lies about ones opponents, but a history of not doing your work on time is something we should be aware of.

I wrote in 2014 about how it was troubling he was the preferred candidate of a cabal of rich white families that don't live in the district, he had terrible ideas and spread misleading statements about board member Wright. I guess I can add he has a hard time getting his paperwork in to the list as well.

It's the little things.

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