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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Scott Shine demeans the school board and himself

Today I received an escalating series of nasty comments from anonymous who I after the first few told I would not put up anymore unless they identified themselves and then I am sure quite by accident they did, and sadly it was none other than school board member Scott Shine.

I am offended because my therapist says I don't have any daddy issues.

Anyhoo as you can see they left the same comment twice, once as anonymous and once as wave rider and yes Shine is waverider.

He's a blogger? gulp!

You should know I think posting negative comments anonymously is an act of cowardice. I think if you have something to say you shouldn't be able to hide behind your keyboard. Shine apparently thinks different.

I also think Shine is a bully. I get it he doesn't like what I write and if i was him too, I wouldn't like it but if he doesn't want me pointing out the things he does, then he should do different things. He's a public figure and should suck it up rather than trying to intimidate me.

District 2 you made a poor choice when you elected Shine, he has done a terrible job. I pray you get it right this go around. Step one should be to avoid anyone who took his endorsement.  


  1. Friends, I thought I would update and let you know that Scott Shine has continued to send nasty comments, further debasing himself and the school board. I have chosen not to publish them as I believe this will feed the beast. District 2 you have to do better.

  2. He is what he is which is...a piece of shite.

  3. Does Mr. Shine cash his DCPS checks even though he's been badmouthing the district all while MIA at meetings?