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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Is Dave Chauncey looking to bring more charters to district 6? This tweet seems to indicate so.

Dave Chauncey likes to tweet, or retweet and most is about sports, though mired in his feed is the following tweet showing support for the expansion of charter schools of which over 330 have failed in Florida and over a dozen in Duval as well.

First you should all know that Public education and teachers in Florida have had fewer enemies as big and powerful as Corcoran. He has attacked and underfunded education at ever possible opportunity but it gets even worse.

One of the reasons he is such a big fan of charter schools is  because his wife benefits directly from them.

From the Tampa Times;

Classical Preparatory School, a charter school founded by the wife of incoming Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, has its sights set on expansion.
Opened in 2014, its waiting list is twice the size of its 406-student enrollment. And its contract lets it grow to nearly 1,000 students through 12th grade.
To explore its options, lawyers for the kindergarten through ninth-grade school last week asked to meet with Pasco County development planners about a possible 37,000-square-foot addition. The request came two weeks after lawmakers approved a bill that would make it easier for Classical Prep to access state funding for construction projects.
The perception, noted by some in Tallahassee, was of a powerful lawmaker benefiting from legislation he helped advance. But Corcoran said Tuesday that the two actions were not related, and he bristled at suggestions otherwise. The language allowing charters access to state money after two, rather than three, years of operation had a much bigger target, he explained.
Those provisions against "private enrichment" did not make the final bill (HB 7029), which passed the Legislature and awaits Gov. Rick Scott's action.
Many House members lamented the deletion of those proposed regulations. But Gaetz said they could not survive the pushback by "legislators who had personal financial interests, or their families had financial interests in these real estate transactions."
Could not survive the pushback by legislators who had personal or financial interests?!? Oy vey,  welcome to Florida and that should tell you all you need t know about Charters her.  That wasn't a liberal democrat who said that by the way, no it came from one of the more conservative members of the state house
Corcoran like many republicans in the state legislature has seen charter schools as nothing but cash cows and it is more than troubling that Chauncey a candidate for school board not only doesn't see that as a problem but thinks it is a good thing as well.
Then think about District 6 and charter schools. Duval Charter at Westside has been one of the worst performing in the city, and is run by a for profit outfit. 
Then just a couple years ago two charter schools closed mid years throwing families and the district into a lurch.
Chauncey thinks this is what district 6 and the city need more of??? 
If Chauncey has a modicum of decency he would drop out of the race and let the more qualified candidates have a debate about ideas. Hubris and a desire to curry favor with the likes of Corcoran and Chartrand and not kids and teachers are what motivates him.

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