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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Darryl Willie scrubs Teach for America from his campaign site. Um why?

The obvious answer is he knows Teach for America is controversial and he knows many people are realizing the program offers the exact opposite of what are neediest kids need. The less obvious answer is he knows it does the exact opposite of what kids need and he wants to distance himself from it.

Just a reminder, Teach for America takes mostly non education majors, puts them through a six week teacher boot camp and then int our must challenged schools where they are supposed to serve two years, creating an ever revolving door. The program is also expensive as hell. Heck if I worked for them I wouldn't want people to know either.

These campaign sites are supposed to put positive spins on things, but here he has no spin at all. He doesn't mention TFA, he doesn't mention where he works at all, calling it his current role, and if you are thinking about voting for him, you have t find this troubling.

I also think he vastly oversells what he actually does, but that's what campaign web pages do.

Friends, when you pull back the fancy dance moves, you find Willie is a candidate with few ideas who is willing to mislead people and we can do better.

District 4 you have a bunch of good candidates, with relevant experience and track records and close ties to the community too, Willie is not one.

Check it out, it's truly befuddling,

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