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Monday, July 16, 2018

The Jacksonville Public education Fund is okay with people thinking they support particular candidates

It might seem like I am pretty critical of JPEF and it's because I am. I think it is abhorrent that they take that sweet sweet Gary Chartand money and then pretend to be advocates of public education.

Here is an incomplete list of things they have done over the years.

They have hosted school board forums without revealing their board members support particular candidates.

They did a white paper which said, public schools do better than charters and we don't know how well private schools that take vouchers do, but we need more charters and vouchers.

Trey Csar their long time director said he wasn't for public schools he was for good schools, a noble sentiment indeed, but its to bad JPEF isn't call JGSEF. I would also argue that supporting charters and voucher schools goes against his sentiment.

They crowned a Teach for America teacher with just two years classroom experience as the best the district had to offer.

They advertised for a forum whose theme was how can we get more African american boys to attend charter schools.

They said on one hand that lots of our teachers are highly effective and effective but on the other a lot of kids aren't passing state tests, the implication being very clear.

These are just off the top of my head.

When a teacher reached out to me and said, when they go to the JPEF Facebook page, they saw an add for Darryl Willies school board candidacy Page, I reached out to JPEF and had the following exchange.

Good morning, a couple people have come to me and said Darryl Willie for School Board

displays as a related page on your facebook page, well, this seems like a conflict of interest unless you were going to have all the candidates pages be related pages. I don't know
if this is something you can control but it looks like you are endorsing Willie. If you can rectify this, I would do so immediately. Thanks

Good afternoon, Chris, The Facebook algorithm will present pages to you related to the ones that you are already interacting with. This is not something we can control. We do not, can not and are not endorsing any specific candidate or candidates for school board.


Thanks for getting back to me. I had a couple thoughts. Maybe you should post your assertion in case other people see candidate pages and get a similar idea. That being said shouldn't you endorse pro education candidates and don't you kind of already endorse candidates as an organzation? I mean Chartrand gave 4,000 dollars to Chauncey and has supported Willie and Howland as have several other board members. I know I know, they can do what I want but I have to be honest it looks bad. Thanks again for getting back to me.

Thank you for your ideas! I think at this time, we will handle the requests on an individual basis, so if you’re getting questions, you can let folks know we are here and willing to answer.

The IRS guidelines for 501(c)3 organizations prohibit us from endorsing candidates as an organization or as representatives of the organization. You are correct in that Gary Chartrand is not an employee or board member of JPEF and thus, can invest his dollars however he chooses. I can assure you that internally, our goal with the school board elections candidate forums is to create a space for community members to meet the candidates and ask their questions so they can make informed decisions at the polls.

Hope this helps and reach out any time with questions 😊

A smiley face? Oy vey!

They can't be bothered to clear up any misconceptions but they can blast my Facebook feed with the same post a half dozen times?

I think JPEF had great promise, most of which it squandered. They really could have done some good but instead they nibbled around the edges afraid to upset their founder Gary Chartrand.

It would have been great if we could have had an organization whose purpose was to help public education, it's just to bad we haven't had one.

If you have any questions, per their request, send them to JPEF.

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