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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Republicans finance Kim Daniels versus Paula Wright in house district 14

You can usually count on democrats to support pubic education in Tallahassee, one of the exceptions is Kimberly Daniels and it is probably because of that, Paula Wright is running against her. Well friends if her voting record wasn't bad enough then after looking at her latest fund raising numbers and where the money came from there is little doubt that Daniels is just a democrat in name only.

From Florida Politics:

Daniels garnered her haul from an atypical donor base for a Democratic candidate.
Private prison mega-corporation The Geo Group and U.S. Sugar gave $1,000, as did First Coast Conservatives, the political committee of Rep. Travis Cummings.
Also ponying up: friendly Republican donors, such as Peter Rummell and charter school impresario Gary Chartrand (along with Charter Schools USA).
If Peter Rummel, Gary Chartrand and Charter Schools USA are supporting you then there can be know doubt where your allegiances lie and it isn't with public education. Kim Daniels has sold out public education.

If you live in 14 and care about public education then Wright is your only choice.

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